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Here you can find archived Dispute Resolution articles, updates and publications by Shand Taylor Lawyers.

Freeing Peter

10 November 2016

John Sneddon, a partner in our dispute resolution team, was a member of the team of lawyers, media professionals and family representatives which worked to free Peter and secure his return to Australia.

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Demanding Recovery of Unpaid Debts

24 March 2015

There is nothing more frustrating for businesses than when a company debtor fails to pay a debt.  In these circumstances, businesses don't want to spend time on long and protracted litigation...

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Protect your assets: Lessor becomes victim of the PPSA

05 March 2014

In early 2013, the NSW Supreme Court delivered Australia’s first major case on thePersonal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) (PPSA) in...

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Queensland Law Society's President's Medal

25 February 2014

Shand Taylor Lawyers is pleased to announce that John Sneddon, a partner in our dispute resolution team was awarded the prestigious Queensland Law Society President’s Medal at the annual...

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An unfair abuse of company power - oppression claims by shareholders

15 January 2014

What is "oppression" and who can make a claim for it?

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Directors' Defences for Insolvent Trading

04 September 2013

Our previous article, "Are your company directors dutiful?" has already outlined the duties a director owes to...

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Consumer Rights Guaranteed?

26 August 2013

In a recent Federal Court of Australia decision, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission prosecuted Hewlett-Packard Australia for breaches of the Australian Consumer Law.  In particular...

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Directors' Defences for Breach of Duties

15 August 2013

Our previous article "Are your company directors dutiful?" discussed the duties a director is obliged to comply with under...

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Are Your Company Directors "Dutiful"?

07 August 2013

Under the Corporations Act duties are imposed on directors of a company.  These duties apply to all directors and cannot be...

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Eight Easy Steps to Prevent Litigation

22 April 2013

Our previous article, “Why should I avoid litigation” set out the key reasons why...

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