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High Court rules independent contracting arrangement a "sham"

03 December 2015

It is becoming increasingly common in Australia for companies to engage workers as independent contractors ...

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Dismissal of Off-Duty Groper OK: FWC

19 February 2015

The dismissal of an employee who groped a barmaid outside work hours at a hotel paid for by his employer was not unfair, according to a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission...

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No Priority Payment for Employee's Wrongful Termination Claim

09 January 2015

In most cases of bankruptcy or liquidation, there is not enough money to go around amongst the creditors.  As a general rule, all creditors are treated equally.  However...

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Theft of confidential information costs employee $50,000

30 October 2014

Sometimes employers seek our assistance because they believe a former employee has taken copies of confidential documents shortly before tendering their resignation.  When that happens...

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Are your contractors really employees?

16 July 2014

The Federal Circuit Court has fined an employer $313,500.00 for engaging in sham contracting.  The Court also ordered the employer to pay...

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Enforcement of social media policy outside of work hours

05 February 2014

In the recent decision of Pearson v Linfox Australia Pty Ltd [2014] FWC 446 the Fair Work Commission considered whether it was reasonable for an employer to...

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Motorcycle Gang Laws hit Queensland Employers and Employees

31 October 2013

The Queensland Government has introduced controversial new legislation designed to curb the influence of outlaw motorcycle gangs on...

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Court Rejects Employer's Bid to Restrain Employee

10 September 2013

A recent case from New South Wales highlights the need for employers to be careful when enforcing restraints of trade against...

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Federal Court decision transforms Australian employment contract law

21 August 2013

The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has handed down a significant judgment which will affect...

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Anti-Bullying, Family Friendly Amendments to Fair Work Act

31 July 2013

The Fair Work Act Amendment Act 2013 was passed by Parliament on 27 June 2013. The Act introduces changes to the way inter-personal disputes are addressed in the workplace and...

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