Help! I am being discriminated against at work

03 October 2017

If you believe you have been discriminated against at work there may be something you can do about it.

What is discrimination?

Generally, discrimination occurs when you are treated or proposed to be treated unfairly because of your:

  • gender;
  • age;
  • race;
  • impairment or disability;
  • religious or political beliefs;
  • sexuality; or
  • pregnancy or marital status.

Making a complaint

If you want to make a complaint about discrimination you are experiencing or have experienced in the workplace, you may be able to lodge a complaint with the:

1. Australian Human Rights Commission; or

2. Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland.

Both the Australian Human Rights Commission and Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland attempt to resolve complaints of discrimination through a conciliation process.

If your complaint is not resolved, you can take the matter to Court.

There are strict time limits for lodging a complaint about discrimination so you need to act quickly and get legal advice as soon as possible.

If you believe you are being or have been discriminated at work, please contact a member of our employment law and discrimination law team who will be more than happy to discuss your specific options.

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