Help! I have to “Show Cause” why my employment will not be terminated

09 August 2017

Have you been advised that you are underperforming at work? Are you involved in a workplace investigation or complaint?  These are just a couple of examples which may result in your employer issuing to you a show cause notice. 

A show cause notice is a notice issued by an employer asking an employee to explain why disciplinary action (including termination of employment) should not be taken due to the employee’s alleged conduct in the workplace. 

Your formal response to a show cause notice is critical and must be made within the time stipulated in the notice.

You should ensure that your side of the story (together with examples and evidence to support your explanation) is provided.

The response needs to also include any concerns about your employer’s conduct.  This could include for example breaches of other laws or policies relevant to your industry body or alternatively procedural fairness issues.  

If you have received a show cause notice and require advice or assistance in responding to the notice, please contact our employment law team.

John Sneddon, Partner: (07) 3307 4504 or

Kimberley Forman, Senior Associate: (07) 3307 4523 or

Ruby Nielsen, Lawyer: (07) 3307 4551 or

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