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24 March 2020

Shand Taylor Lawyers remains open and operating in these challenging times.

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Combating the financial impact of COVID-19 - temporary amendment to insolvency laws

23 March 2020

The Australian Government has announced temporary changes to insolvency and corporations laws to lessen the financial impact of COVID-19 on businesses over the next six months. 

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Looking to save on your council rates and land tax?

12 March 2020

Annual land valuations were issued by the Valuer-General to landowners on 6 March 2020.

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Watch out - your "standard" terms and conditions may not be that standard!

27 February 2020

Most suppliers will include with any credit application or on the back of invoices or delivery dockets a list of standard terms and conditions.

While most customers will not give those standard terms a second glance, they can be of vital importance if the customer doesn’t pay or there is some other dispute about the goods or services delivered.

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Directors beware! You may now be personally liable for unpaid GST.

14 February 2020

Generally, the directors of a company are not personally liable for the liabilities (or obligations) of their company.

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Employee jailed for providing false resume details - a cautionary tale

13 February 2020

A standout resume can play a critical part in landing that dream job in today’s competitive job market.

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NSW Duty and Land Tax Surcharges for Trusts

16 December 2019

If you own real property in New South Wales through a discretionary trust, then the terms of your trust deed will need to be urgently reviewed prior to 31 December 2019 to determine if in fact your trust is deemed to be a ‘foreign trust’.

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Employee unable to "Wiggle” out of termination for chucking fake sickie

26 November 2019

An employee who took a sick day to take his son to a Wiggles concert was held not to have been unfairly dismissed in a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission.

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Israel Folau Case Study - Freedom of Speech vs Breach of Employment Obligations

05 June 2019

After the controversial decision made by Rugby Australia (RA) to terminate Israel Folau’s contract, some continue to argue the decision is contrary to fundamental human rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

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Give me back my property

21 May 2019

You supply, hire or provide products, goods or stock to a person, business or company.  That entity owes you money but before you are paid, becomes insolvent.  You know where your goods are  - surely you can just have them back?

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Reminder: Land valuation objections due by 7 May 2019

01 May 2019

Annual land valuations were issued by the Valuer-General to landowners on 6 March 2019.

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Foodora for Thought – Are your Contractors Really Employees?

07 January 2019

Businesses which engage workers as independent contractors instead of employees often do so to avoid the obligation to pay employment entitlements...

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Foreign Trust Surcharges in NSW - Does your discretionary trust own property in NSW?

27 November 2018

Given the broad beneficiary classes often found in family trust deeds, the majority of standard discretionary trusts are likely to be classified as ‘foreign trusts’ for the purpose of surcharge land tax and surcharge purchaser duty in New South Wales.

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Did the tenant get lucky? The pitfalls of service station leases.

20 November 2018

Caltex was a tenant of a fuel site in Victoria.  The original term of the lease was 10 years with two 5-year options.  Caltex exercised the first, and then the second option.

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Four months on, GST Withholding Regime still proves taxing

09 November 2018

The development landscape changed significantly on 1 July 2018, with buyers of new residential properties now being required to withhold part of the purchase price from the seller at settlement and pay it directly to the ATO.

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Is your PPSR registration about to lapse?

17 October 2018

The Personal Properties Security Act took effect on 30 January 2012.

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Not your dream holiday? We can help you exit an unwanted timeshare?

20 September 2018

Have you recently bought a timeshare membership and regret it? You’re not alone. There are millions of timeshare owners all over the world – but not all of them are happy ...

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Are "restraint of trade" clauses in employment contracts enforceable?

30 July 2018

A common misconception in the business community is that restraints of trade are completely unenforceable. But if they are really unenforceable, why ...

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Shand Taylor conducts largest development settlement via PEXA in Queensland

27 June 2018

The firm is proud to announce that members of the property team, Kasey Zhang (Paralegal), Patrick Sherlock (Lawyer), Jacob Bowman (Associate) and Matthew Shannon (Partner) have assisted prominent local developer Habitat Development Group in selling ...

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So you think subdivision approval conditions are satisfied after plan sealing?

12 April 2018

The recent High Court decision in Pike v Tighe has helpfully clarified for developers and successors in title the ongoing responsibility to comply with...

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When is a Planning and Development Certificate not worth the paper it is written on?

10 April 2018

The Court of Appeal in the matter of Central Highlands Regional Council v Geju Pty Ltd was recently asked to consider whether a trial judge of a lower court had...

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Help! Is my after hours behaviour a workplace issue?

03 November 2017

With the end of year celebrations almost upon us, it is important to be mindful of whether your behaviour as an employee outside of work can affect your relationship with your employer and...

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Development Applications for Building Work & Registered Easements/Covenants

25 October 2017

A recent decision of Her Honour Judge Kefford DCJ in the matter of ISPT Pty Ltd v Brisbane City Council & Anor highlights the importance of...

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Landlords are again prohibited from recovering Land Tax Under Commercial Leases

24 October 2017

Recent amendments to the Land Tax Act 2010 (Qld) (Land Tax Act), again bar landlords from recovering...

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Help! I am being discriminated against at work

03 October 2017

If you believe you have been discriminated against at work there may be something you can do about it...

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Help! I have to “Show Cause” why my employment will not be terminated

09 August 2017

Have you been advised that you are underperforming at work? Are you involved in a workplace investigation or complaint?  These are just a couple of examples which...

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Help! I am “unfairly” being sued by a former employee

07 June 2017

It is not always the “big bad” employer that has the done the wrong thing – sometimes, employees who have had their employment terminated can sue their former employer for...

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Why your ‘security’ may not be as secure as you think

29 May 2017

If you supply or hire goods to customers or include credit terms in your customer agreements then the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) is an important tool that you...

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Federal Budget 2017 – Impact for Property Developers

19 May 2017

In the 2017 Federal Budget, there has been a strong focus on the foreign ownership of property in Australia and there are a number of key changes developers selling overseas should...

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The Good Son: Sibling Rivalry and Estate Claims

11 May 2017

A recent decision of the Supreme Court of NSW has made headlines undoubtedly because it involved a legal fight between twin brothers in connection with the share of their mother’s estate...

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Get Your Lease Default Notice Right or Give the Tenant a Free Kick!

02 May 2017

The Supreme Court of Queensland has recently found that a defect in a breach notice issued by a landlord to a tenant invalidated the landlord’s subsequent termination of the lease, even though...

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Family lending gone wrong: Is it a gift or a loan?

28 March 2017

A recent case highlights the importance of documenting and formalising loans even those made to family members...

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Shand Taylor Lawyers completes historic PEXA E-Conveyance

20 March 2017

About 18 months ago Shand Taylor Lawyers sat down to discuss the potential of E-Conveyancing with Property Exchange Australia Limited (PEXA).  Last Friday, 17 March 2017...

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Changes to Retail Shop Leases Act Commence on 25 November 2016

21 November 2016

Landlords, tenants and managing agents need to be aware of important changes to the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld) (Act) which take effect from...

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Shand Taylor Lawyers - Italian Wine Tasting

01 June 2016

Shand Taylor Lawyers recently held an intimate function exploring Italian Wines hosted in conjunction with Carolyna Bol and Alan Featherby of Italian Wine Importers...

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Shand Taylor Lawyers on the Move

01 July 2015

It’s now 17 years since Shand Taylor Lawyers commenced trading from some shared space at Waterfront Place in Eagle Street.  We’ve come  long way since those days and the time has come to say goodbye to our...

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