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Defamation occurs when someone falsely issues a statement about another person who is published.  This could be in person, online, on social media, or in print.  Any court proceedings for defamation must be commenced within one year of the publication (unless the court grants an extension in certain circumstances).

You do not have to suffer any actual "harm" to be defamed and are able to issue proceedings purely because you have been defamed and to cover any hurt feelings.

It is essential that you are aware of what options are available to you if you have been defamed, and what is the best resolution for your circumstances.  We are able to help you seek public apologies for defamatory statements made against you, negotiate a resolution with the person who made the statement, issue proceedings on your behalf for damages and/or take steps to prevent other people from repeating the defamatory statements.

Our Expertise

We can help you:

  • Negotiate with third parties to seek an apology for the defamatory statements.

  • Prosecute or defend defamation proceedings on your behalf.

  • Review documents or press releases prior to publication to provide advice about whether the publication may be defamatory.

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If you believe you have been defamed or you are being sued for defamation, please contact our experienced team.

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