Our Practice

We advise clients in relation to their dealings with insurance companies and insurance brokers, including advice in relation to disputes over insurance claims or advice in litigation matters where insurers are involved.

We have acted in disputes before the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) and have assisted clients who have had claims refused or have found themselves without the insurance coverage they thought they had.

Our team can also assist in advising about insurance coverage should a claim be made against you.  We can liaise with your insurer and provide practical guidance to ensure that you are aware of the scope of your coverage and your ability to make a claim for all costs, including legal, arising from a professional negligence action.

Our Expertise
  • Advising in disputes between insurance companies and their clients, including disputes referred to AFCA.

  • Advising on the application and interpretation of insurance policies and the practical implications for clients seeking to make a claim.

  • Providing guidance for negotiations arising from disputed claims. We have acted in disputes relating to professional indemnity, contract works, property damage, and motor vehicle claims.

  • Assisting clients in negotiating disputed claims with insurers and navigating insurers’ dispute resolution processes.

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Our Team

Please refer your enquiries to: 

Rod O’Sullivan, Director
(07) 3307 4568 

Kimberley Forman
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