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Our Practice

Large insurance companies will often be more concerned about settling complaints than ensuring you are properly defended in disciplinary proceedings that affect your reputation and livelihood.  We provide practical advice on the options available to you when you are under investigation and can provide a “second opinion” on recommendations made to you by your insurer.

We can represent you if your organization must conduct an investigation.  We ensure that any allegations made are properly and fairly investigated before advising on disciplinary action that may need to be taken.

We can also provide representation in coronial investigations and other public inquiries.

Our Expertise

We have expertise in:

  • Representing clients in disciplinary proceedings brought by regulatory bodies such as the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Pharmacy Board of Australia, the Queensland College of Teachers, or the Psychology Board of Australia.

  • Overseeing and providing guidance to organizations and individuals throughout the disciplinary investigation process.

  • Preparing internal dispute resolution and complaint policies for companies and businesses.

Our Team

Please refer your enquiries to:

John Sneddon, Director
(07) 3307 4504

Kimberley Forman, Director
(07) 3307 4523

Ruby Nielsen, Senior Associate
(07) 3307 4551

Charlie Hodgetts, Senior Associate
(07) 3307 4513

Emma Lewis, Associate

(07) 3307 4546

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