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At Shand Taylor Lawyers Pty Ltd you will find that we take a practical and commercial approach to give legal advice, and we always have your best interests in mind. We take the time to understand your circumstances, goals, and expectations.

We communicate with our clients regularly and do so in clear and concise language; we aim to ensure that our clients are always fully informed and with this comes our promise to always be accessible.

At Shand Taylor Lawyers Pty Ltd, all of our lawyers are available by direct telephone or email.  We will ensure the most appropriately qualified lawyer works on your matter.  The lawyer whom you speak to regarding your matter is the same lawyer managing and running your file.  We pride ourselves on our one person/one job philosophy where appropriate and with this, our speed and efficiency.  Answers, solutions, and advice are given promptly.  Our response times are measured in minutes/hours/days, not in weeks.

We understand that legal advice is not the only expert assistance you may require.  We have strong relationships with a wide range of industry professionals so that we can work with your accountant/financial adviser/consultant to ensure you get the best results.

Every step in our approach is taken with the objective of success for our clients in both the short and the long terms.


Shand Taylor Lawyers Pty Ltd genuinely cares about its employees and their wellbeing.

All of our directors have children and family commitments.  As a firm, we proudly support flexible working arrangements such as part-time work, variations in the start and finish times, and working remotely as needed.

Our culture is one of co-operation and teamwork.  Our team is led by Managing Director, Rod O'Sullivan who is closely advised by our Office Manager, Julie Di Tullio, and Finance Manager, Leanne Upton.  We recognise that each member of our team plays a vital and pivotal role in ensuring that the client's expectations are not only met, but exceeded.


Shand Taylor Lawyers Pty Ltd participates in local communities. We are proud members of the Valley Chamber of Commerce and Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce and also participate in community events raising money for charities. 

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