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It is important to ensure that the intellectual property rights associated with your creative efforts, your business name and your reputation are well protected.  Shand Taylor Lawyers is experienced in assisting clients to identify and protect valuable intellectual property rights. Our legal team can assist you with the preparation of the relevant applications or licenses to protect your rights and the goodwill of your business.  We also have experience acting for clients in relation to intellectual property-related disputes, including trade marks, copyright, websites and business names.

Our Expertise


Shand Taylor Lawyers has experience in:

  • Preparing Australian and international trade mark applications for lodgement with Intellectual Property (IP) Australia.

  • Advising in relation to adverse reports issued by IP Australia.

  • Preparing declarations and supporting documentation to overcome adverse reports issued by IP Australia.

  • Advising in relation to competitors using business names, company names, or trade marks including usage on various social media platforms.

  • Providing advice and recommendations in relation to a potential patent, copyright, or trade mark infringement.

  • Advising and assisting in relation to the resolution of patent, trade mark, and other intellectual property disputes.

  • Advising in relation to website and domain name disputes.

  • Preparing "terms and conditions" of trade to protect intellectual property rights including an application for credit forms.

  • Preparing and reviewing confidentiality agreements and software licensing agreements.

  • Preparing license agreements for the use of trade marks and other intellectual property by other companies.

  • Advising in relation to appropriate legal structures to best secure your intellectual property.

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Our Team


Please refer your enquiries to:

Rod O’Sullivan, Director
(07) 3307 4568

Kimberley Forman, Director
(07) 3307 4523

Sophia Chetcuti, Law Graduate

(07) 3307 4515

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