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Keeping your name in the domain - new ".au" domain namespaces to be released

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

A new and shorter domain namespace is launching in Australia with priority applications to be made by 24 March 2022. This means that instead of having for example, the domain name “”, a new domain of “” can be registered.

Importantly, under the registration rules applicants for the new domain namespace only need to have an “Australian presence”. This could include being an Australian citizen, an Australian company or an ABN holder. Alternatively, the applicant could hold an Australian trade mark.

These rules are different to the standard domain name registration rules where an applicant must also have a link between the proposed domain name and the individual or business name of the applicant. As there is no requirement for the “link” to the new namespace, there is an opportunity for applicants to register a namespace that is similar or identical to your name.

It is therefore important to review your current domain name to consider whether you need to:

  • register a new domain namespace; and/or

  • take further steps to prevent others from using your name.

If you have identified a domain name issue, dispute resolution options and other court processes are available to assist you.

We proudly have the knowledge and capability of being able to assist our clients with domain name disputes.

Further information:

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