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Will there be an e-Conveyancing mandate?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The use of electronic conveyancing (e-conveyancing) is set to receive a huge overhaul over the next year, with a new proposal to mandate e-conveyancing across the board.

Those involved in the conveyancing process will know that currently the use of e-conveyancing is completely optional although the majority of transactions are now occurring electronically rather than on paper. Some lawyers and property owners have refused to utilize e-conveyancing, however this may be about to change.

The Queensland Government has launched a 6-week consultation that will allow people to have their say on the proposed regulation to mandate e-conveyancing in Queensland. The proposed changes are seeking to introduce a regulation that would amend the Land Title Act 1994 to mandate certain classes of instruments being lodged electronically, as well as allowing various exemptions.

For any in the property industry who feel uneasy about these proposed mandates and require guidance on how to prepare, Shand Taylor Lawyers were early adopters of e-conveyancing and would be more than happy to guide people through the process of on-boarding to this system.

If you have any queries on these proposed changes, please feel free to contact our team at Shand Taylor Lawyers.

Matthew Shannon, Director

(07) 3307 4506

Patrick Sherlock, Senior Associate

(07) 3307 4542

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