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Kimberley Forman


Kimberley holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) from Griffith University.

Kimberley has a broad range of experience in all state and federal court jurisdictions. She has a strategic, thorough and commercial approach to dispute resolution to ensure that the best possible results are obtained for clients.

Kimberley’s experience includes general dispute resolution and commercial litigation, acting for clients in property litigation, personal property and securities matters, franchising, and restraint of trade disputes, trademarks and intellectual property matters, and debt recovery and insolvency.

She has provided a significant amount of advice to clients in respect of personal properties and securities issues including:

  • advising about whether security interests are perfected and enforceable

  • assisting in the registration of securities on the personal properties securities register

  • advising about terms and conditions of trade

Kimberley also has a particular interest in intellectual property law and has experience advising and acting for clients in relation to:

  • the protection of business reputation (including claims for passing off)

  • the protection of an individual's reputation (including claims for defamation)

  • potential breaches of copyright, trademark, and patent law

  • the enforcement of trademarks

  • domain name disputes 

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