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Our Practice

Companies and partnerships are commercial vehicles that people use to operate their businesses and protect their assets. To function effectively, it is important that those people have strong, transparent professional relationships, built on trust and mutual respect. Sometimes these relationships break down and disputes between partners, or directors and shareholders may arise. When that happens, it is essential that these disputes are resolved quickly and efficiently so that valuable commercial assets are not lost or wasted on litigation and legal expenses.

Our Expertise

Our dispute resolution team has extensive experience assisting people to resolve company and partnership disputes. 

Our expertise extends to:

  • Claims for breach of statutory directors’ duties;

  • Shareholder oppression claims and shareholder rights;

  • Disputes between directors or partners;

  • Disputes between directors and shareholders;

  • Joint venture disputes 

  • Directors’ misconduct claims;

  • Diversion of commercial opportunity claims;

  • Fraud and white-collar crime;

  • Breach of fiduciary obligation claims.

Our Team

Please refer your enquiries to:

Rod O’Sullivan, Director
(07) 3307 4568

John Sneddon, Director 
(07) 3307 4504

Kimberley Forman, Director
(07) 3307 4523

John Saunders, Consultant

(07) 3307 4566

Ruby Nielsen, Senior Associate
(07) 3307 4551

Charlie Hodgetts, Senior Associate

(07) 3307 4513

Emma Lewis, Associate

(07) 3307 4546

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