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Kaylie Bourke

Special Counsel

Kaylie graduated from the University of Queensland in 1978 with a Bachelor of Laws and was admitted to practice as a solicitor in 1979.  Kaylie holds the role of Special Counsel in our firm.

Since 2003, Kaylie has been accredited as a specialist in the area of Succession Law as conferred by the Queensland Law Society.


Since admission, Kaylie has practised as a solicitor, concentrating on all aspects of succession law and with extensive experience in all those areas including estate planning, drafting wills and enduring powers of attorney, estate administration, advice to beneficiaries and trustees and estate litigation matters.

Kaylie acts for persons of varying circumstances in effective estate planning and estate administration: in both complex and more straightforward scenarios.  There are often many issues to be considered, including the wide range of assets held by individuals in their own names but also in trusts, companies and superannuation and the impact of modern family dynamics in estate planning.

Kaylie has also been involved in the less usual estate planning exercise: the 'statutory will'.  This arises when the will-maker no longer has testamentary capacity, but a will change is considered desirable: Kaylie has been involved in successful applications to the Court for statutory wills.

Estate administration is often straightforward but sometimes issues can arise including dealing with 'informal' wills, overseas assets and family provision litigation.  Kaylie has wide experience in all these areas.

Kaylie enjoys working with our clients, and their financial and accounting advisors, to achieve our clients' desired outcomes.

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