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As works for infrastructure increase across the State, so too does the resumption of land from private owners. We are able to assist you as a landowner or affected person by identifying and advising on your rights following notice that your land or part of it will be resumed. 


We will give you practical legal advice to help make the resumption process less stressful and ensure you are fully compensated for the loss of your land and/or business.

Land Valuation Objections

We can assist you as a landowner if you are unhappy with your annual land valuation issued by the Valuer-General.  We can advise you about your rights to challenge your land valuation, which could save you significant money by reducing the rates and land tax you pay.

Valuation Concessions (and exemptions)

You may not be aware but there is a range of concessions (and potentially exemptions) that are available depending on how your property is being used.  For example, there are concessions available for farming land and single dwelling houses and discounts available for recently subdivided land.  These concessions and discounts can lead to a significant reduction in the value of your land and the rates and land tax you pay.  There are also land tax exemptions and rates discounts depending on your land use (including for primary production and land owned by charities).  We can let you know if you are eligible for these discounts, concessions, and exemptions and assist you in applying for them.

Our Expertise

We are able to assist you by:

  • Advising as to whether a proposed resumption is lawful.

  • Drafting an objection to the proposed resumption.

  • Advising you of your entitlements.

  • Preparing your claim for compensation.

  • Negotiating with the resuming authority.

  • Advising on the implications of the resumption for your future use of your land.

  • Advising on valuation discounts and concessions and land tax and rate discounts and exemptions based on the use of your land.

  • Advising you on grounds to object to your land valuation.

  • Drafting an objection to your land valuation.

  • Acting for you in any land valuation objection conference.

  • Acting for you in proceedings in the Land Court of Queensland in relation to your resumption or land valuation objection.

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Our Team

Please refer your enquiries to:

Matthew Shannon, Director
(07) 3307 4506

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