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Our Practice

Shand Taylor lawyers are experts in the specialised and complex field of body corporate management rights with years of experience advising buyers, sellers, and bodies corporate on the sale of management rights.  Our firm prides itself on providing “plain English” advice on all aspects of management rights and the ever evolving legislation which must be complied with (including the recent amendments to the body corporate regulations).

Our Expertise

Our team regularly provides advice on the following aspects of management rights:

  • Preparation of management rights agreements (both “off the plan” and existing).

  • Advising buyers and sellers on the sale and purchase of management rights.

  • Advising on proposed extensions of management rights agreements

  • Consideration of GST and stamp duty implications of management rights transactions.

  • Advising on the sale of on-site letting offices or caretaker’s units.

  • Advising buyers and sellers on their ongoing obligations under staged management rights contracts.

  • Assisting with obtaining body corporate consent to the assignment of management rights.

  • Advising bodies corporate on their ability to refuse assignment of management rights.

  • Preparing for and attending body corporate meetings.

  • Preparing letting agreements.

  • Advising on management rights disputes.

Shand Taylor Lawyers is a member of Strata Community Australia.  Our clients include developers, unit owners, body corporates, body corporate managers, onsite managers, and letting agents.

Our Team

Please refer your enquiries to:

Matthew Shannon, Director
(07) 3307 4506

Richard Waring, Director
(07) 3307 4545

Patrick Sherlock, Director

(07) 3307 4542

Annie Kelly, Director

(07) 5457 9501

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