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Our Practice

Anti-discrimination law in Queensland is dynamic and evolving.


The legal process may appear daunting at first glance as most parties to complaints and legal proceedings in this area have usually not had any prior exposure to the process or knowledge of what to expect.

The correct legal advice, on both prospects of success and quantum of damages, is essential.  Our dispute resolution team has extensive experience in advising and representing parties, both businesses and individuals, in this legal area.

Our Expertise

Shand Taylor Lawyers has experience in:


  • Drafting anti-discrimination policies for employers.   

  • Defending and prosecuting anti-discrimination proceedings involving discrimination of the grounds of sex, race and disability.

  • Acting for clients in complaints to the Queensland Human Rights Commission.

  • Providing advice to employers and employees involved in internal investigations or disciplinary proceedings concerning discrimination.

Our Team

Please refer your enquiries to:

John Sneddon, Director
(07) 3307 4504

Kimberley Forman, Director
(07) 3307 4523

Ruby Nielsen, Senior Associate
(07) 3307 4551

Charlie Hodgetts, Senior Associate
(07) 3307 4513

Emma Lewis, Associate

(07) 3307 4546


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